SCNAT Platform Chemistry Ethics Series 2022 EPFL workshop

The 2022 re-launch of the SCNAT Platform Chemistry Ethics Series at EPFL was organized by SCNAT, EPFL, EDCH (its doctoral program in chemistry and chemical engineering), and NCCR Catalysis.

The event started with talks by Prof. Edward Constable (president of the Swiss Academies' Committee for Research Integrity, Prof. University of Basel) and Prof. Antonio Togni (former Vice Rector for Doctoral Studies, Prof. em. ETH Zurich) on "Surely it doesn’t apply to me? Equating integrity with best practice"and "Orchestrating relevance: A questionable trait of modern publication culture", respectively, moderated by Prof. Jérôme Waser from EPFL, substituting for Prof. Shana Sturla from ETH Zurich. The speakers and panelists then led interactive discussion rounds, on which participants reported to the plenary. The afternoon concluded with an apéro.

The organizers included Prof. Shana Sturla and Dr. Leo Merz, SCNAT; Prof. Berend Smit and Anne Lene Odegaard, EPFL and EDCH; and Dr. Marie Francine Lagadec, NCCR Catalysis.

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