Promotions for Prof. Raffaella Buonsanti and Prof. Bill Morandi

Prof. Raffaella Buonsanti, Core PI at EPFL and Work Package 3 Coordinator at NCCR Catalysis, was recently promoted to Associate Professor, and received an ERC Consolidator Grant. She works on the development of novel synthetic routes to tailor-make multifunctional hybrid materials, based on atomically defined colloidal nanocrystals, and on control of structure and composition at multiple length-scales, driven by a fundamental understanding of the chemical transformations driving nucleation, growth and assembly.

Prof. Bill Morandi, Associate PI at ETH Zurich, was promoted to Full Professor and is Head of the Laboratory of Organic Chemistry. He works on the development of innovative synthetic methodologies for applications across the molecular sciences, with a particular interest in establishing new concepts in catalysis.

Congratulations on these big career steps, Raffaella and Bill!

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